Tax consulting

Our tax experts support clients on current and complex corporate tax issues, carrying out agreed procedures for conducting tax audits and identifying tax risks. Our experts also accompany audits and resolve disputes with tax authorities, while our lawyers provide effective legal support for businesses on various issues in the field of civil and administrative law.

Advising on current and complex corporate tax issues:

Diagnostics of tax risks when entering into transactions (intra-group, new, atypical, significant)
Application of new provisions or changes in tax legislation to the company's operations
Assessment of the tax consequences of significant events of the company: restructuring, acquisition and disposal of significant assets, entry into new markets, significant changes in the functional profile
Adaptation to the requirements of Russian tax legislation of the agreements, policies and approaches of the international group applicable to Russian subsidiaries
Advice on the application of double taxation agreements
Analysis of the possibility of applying tax incentives and special regimes by the company

Tax audit (due diligence, agreed procedures):

Analysis for risk factors (risk indicators) to open an audit
Analysis of the legal and operational structure of the group to identify potential risk areas
Analysis of the main changes in the structure of the group (transfer of assets, internal corporate restructuring, etc.) in terms of taxation
Analysis of the compliance of the tax accounting methodology with the provisions of the current legislation
Evaluation of effectiveness of tax planning tools and methods used by the company
Identification of significant risks, analysis of existing debt
Assessment of the status of the main (significant) counterparties from the point of view of the company's tax risks
Analysis of potential tax risks associated with cross-border transactions
Identification of tax reserves
Review of other facts that may have a material effect on the amount of the company's tax liabilities

Maintenance of inspections:

  • support of tax control measures:
    • support of interrogations of key persons of the company;
    • accompanying the company in preparing responses to the requirements of the tax authority;
    • and more;
  • pre-trial settlement:
    • preparation of objections to the inspection report;
    • appeal;
  • appeal against the results of the audit in arbitration courts.

Tax structuring of transactions and business:

  • advice on the creation of an optimal scheme for asset ownership, financing, intra-group interaction and management, taking into account the requirements of applicable tax legislation and the long-term goals of the customer;
  • audit of tax risks and vulnerabilities of current (historical) structures, taking into account changes in legislation and its implementation practices;
  • comparative analysis of various ways to achieve business goals and the implementation of the client's current tasks in terms of their tax consequences.

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