GGI alliance

Being part of one of the ten largest international alliances of consulting firms, Geneva Group International (GGI), we provide high quality professional services internationally. With GGI, we have access to the best experts around the world who are ready to provide professional judgment on local legislation and market entry strategies.
Membership in the international alliance of consulting companies Geneva Group International

840 offices in 126 countries of the world

28,9 thousand professional auditors and consultants

revenue of participating companies for 2017 - $ 5.6 billion

605 participating companies

the alliance was founded in 1995. Head office in Zurich, Switzerland

ADE Professional Solutions has been a member of the GGI International Alliance since 2014.

The wide international presence of this network opens up new opportunities for us and our clients. Our participation in GGI allows us to have access to the best firms in every major financial and commercial center around the world. Whether you are looking for new opportunities beyond national borders, or need support in addition to services in the domestic market, we will be happy to assist you in all matters. For more information on the GGI Alliance, please visit

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