About our company

Since 2004, ADE Professional Solutions has provided consulting services in the field of accounting, economics and finance. In addition, we have audited enterprises of various industries in Russia and abroad.
Who we are now: competitive advantages

The organization is consistently in the TOP 100 largest consulting companies in the Russian Federation, according to the ranking of the rating Agency «RAEX Analytics» (in the last five years, it has consistently been within the TOP 10 for services, such as accounting outsourcing under IFRS and TP)

The company has more than ten years of ACCA Platinum Approved Employee status

Over sixty professional members of staff have specialized knowledge in the field of finance, and speak foreign languages

The company is a member of independent audit global network and consulting companies HLB Global since 2021

We have the most diversified pool of regular customers by industry, ownership, and services: the concentration risk from one customer does not exceed 10%

Our principles
Work with customers on the principle of «exceeding customer expectations»

When discussing a work plan with a client, we always count on long-term cooperation. We understand that in order for the first contact/project to become a permanent (recurring project), it is necessary to «pleasantly surprise» the client by doing something beyond what was agreed, which brings  additional benefits and value for the client. Thus, we exceed customer expectations.

Working in a company, and constantly developing oneself

In order to be competitive in the consulting market, you need to continually improve your professional level, no matter how much of a ‘guru’ you are. From year to year, legislation and economic environment changes, and technologies rapidly develop. Our company undergoes constant professional development and improvement in all areas, from client relations to employee performance. For example, when assessing the progress of personnel, we take into account the quality of the projects performed, as well as professional growth.

We do not take on projects that have any signs of violating laws

When making a decision about whether or not to participate in the project, we are guided by the following:

  • We by no means accept the scheme of kickbacks or other forms of bribery as a tool for receiving customers or additional orders.
  • We do not undertake projects, the purpose of which (or part of which) is to violate the law (for example, recommendations on tax evasion).
  • We adhere to the principles of independence in the provision of services.
  • We do not work with contractors / partners who are (in the present or the past) involved in economic, criminal offences.
  • When working with clients, we try to adhere to the norms of the code of corporate ethics adopted by the company.

The principle of objectivity in decision-making (the «three whales» rule)

Hypocrisy is not accepted in our Company. We stand for open judgments and discussions at all levels, as well as with clients. All major decisions in the Company are made carefully and thoroughly with three opinions (this ultimately allows us to make the only correct and balanced decision).

We always keep our word

We always fulfill what we promise to customers and employees. Therefore, if we see that the tasks that the client sets are impossible to conclude for specific reasons - we will be open and clear about this with the client before starting the project.

Company history

The company is actively develops international cooperation and expends cross-border contacts: ADE Professional Solutions becomes active member of the Russian-German Chamber of commerce, also joins in to international audit and consulting network HLB.


The company successfully passed the test of strength, successfully continuing to operate under COVID-19 conditions, partially moving to remote work, changing approaches to project implementation and modernizing marketing. Our managers become the stars of YouTube.


Active implementation of public educational events in specialized areas; holding seminars and webinars with the participation of clients and other professional market players.


In partnership with the largest Russian and international integrators (Lanit, BaringPoint, SAP), large projects are implemented to set up ERP systems, where the specialists of LLC «A.D.E. Professional Solutions» act as methodologists and sometimes project leaders.


A new turn is taken in the direction of management consulting, since in the Russian market there is a growing demand for optimization and increasing the efficiency of business processes.


Stable development in all areas, a smooth rise in the ratings of Russian consulting («Expert RA»). Annually accreditation as contractors of such companies as «Rosneft», «Rusnano», «GazpromNeft».


The company becomes a member of Geneva Group International (www.ggi.com) - an international accounting, tax and legal alliance of companies that provides the opportunity to serve international clients with a presence in various jurisdictions.


The business is actively diversifying: there are areas of automation (partners IBM, Anaplan), audit in accordance with RAS and IFRS, transfer pricing services.


Successfully overcome the first difficulties of the «crisis of 2008», which also affected the number of clients and their attitude to consulting.


Rapid growth due to active support of projects to bring large Russian companies to IPO («RusHydro», «OGK-2» and many others).

June 11

The founders of the company Artem Zavertalyuk, Dmitry Sklyarov and Yevgeny Rudakov begin their permanent work in the company and hire the first employees.

November 16

Completion of the first ADE Professional Solutions project and registration of the legal entity LLC «A.D.E. Professional Solutions».

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