ADE Professional Solutions offers a range of solutions to automate planning, budgeting and reporting processes, as well as a range of related solutions.

The selection of the products we offer is based on our considerable experience in the respective fields. The main criteria for our selection of products to offer customers:

Solving problems within the framework of our professional competence
The task and the solution must be clear to us so that we can fully and competently implement it

Easy set up and self-service
Product setup should be simple, without requiring special programming skills, thereby making it easier and cheaper to develop and maintain the system

Reduction of terms
System setup should be quick compared to «heavy» ERP solutions, so that the user gets the result immediately and the ROI is high

Best and unique solution
The software product must be either unique in its field, or optimal for solving the problem in its field

The product must be scalable and available for businesses of all sizes

The software products we offer:

Application area



financial consolidation; preparation of data for reporting under IFRS; preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS; IBM Cognos Controller
  • a flexible system for financial consolidation, devoid of the shortcomings of MS Excel, but the same available for financial professionals;
  • scales to reflect the structure of the group and the impact of that structure on consolidation under IFRS;
  • familiar logic of transformation and consolidation. No need to describe algorithms for calculating the share of non-controlling shareholders, conversion into reporting currency, etc.;
  • easy parametric adjustment;

Financial planning and budgeting and:

  • sales planning;
  • demand forecasting;
  • allocation of costs;
  • management accounting and reporting;
  • other areas of application.
  • OLAP-system hosted in the cloud or on customer servers;
  • a powerful system that allows you to make any calculations «on the fly» within a split second. Enterprise-class solution suitable for medium and large companies;
  • easily customizable due to the similarity of formulas with MS Excel, but at the same time more «smart», allowing you to build complex models in a very short time;
  • is in many ways analogous to the Anaplan system, but does not have the Anaplan drawbacks (only cloud hosting, impossibility of not storing zeros, price ...);
  • completely Russian product;
Financial planning and budgeting IBM Planning Analytics
  • In-memory OLAP-system of corporate level, one of the market leaders;
  • impressive flexibility and ease of customization;
  • high speed;
Optimization calculations IBM iLog CPLEX Optimization Studio
  • iLog offers a tool for optimization calculations that allows you to find a solution for the optimal use of resources, minimizing costs, choosing the best planning scenario;
  • on the basis of iLog, solutions are being built for optimization in the field of finance, logistics, production, etc.;

You can get acquainted with the products in more detail by going to the pages of each of the products.

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