Management consulting

  • Optimization and simplification of a business process

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    The internal procedures of business processes are not sufficiently regulated in the company, and therefore the Company incurs losses due to the incompetence of employees. Often there is a large number of «forks» in the decision making process.

  • Reorganizing the organizational structure

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    Due to changes in the environment/circumstances, your organizational structure has ceased to correspond to the size and dynamics of your business, but you could not find the optimal solution from your internal resources.

  • Reducing costs

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    You assume that the company has opportunities to reduce costs, while increasing the volume of products, but you do not exactly know what measures should be taken to make this possible.

  • Implementation of an effective internal control system

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    You understand that the company bears losses, and is vulnerable to various kinds of risks, due to the lack of internal control systems, but you cannot solve this problem on your own.

  • Personification of process responsibility and approach to motivation

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    An excessive amount of non-constructive conflicts between employees, departments, business units is brewing in the company, but you struggle to divide powers and responsibilities between them, and do not yet understand how to facilitate this process within a motivational system.

  • Key management outsourcing/function

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    You fired a top manager or found that there are a number of functions and tasks that you would like to outsource: the position of the CEO, CFO, chief lawyer, head of the internal control function, the IFRS reporting function. You are not sure about the economic feasibility of having an internal function and would like to calculate the option of outsourcing.

  • Independent expertise based on «best practices»

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    You do not have enough internal expertise on any of the management issues and would like to hear independent opinions, supported by «best practices» from other organizations.

  • Diagnostics of pricing for company products/services

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    You are not satisfied with the strategy of the commercial block, or it does not correspond to market trends, is not formalized, or is not linked to the strategic guidelines of shareholders. You do not have sufficient analysis of your grocery basket and linkage to pricing methods, there is no monitoring of competitors' prices. You do not have a formalized KPI system for a commercial service. You have no control over the risks of tax and antitrust regulation when there are business transactions / chains within the Group.

Our services

ADE Professional Solutions experts provide a full range of services related to management consulting, including:

Carrying out diagnostics of business processes (As Is) with the preparation of a schematic image in various programs (ARIS, Visio) and recommendations for changes (To Be), taking into account the best practices of Russian and foreign companies
Legal support in business reorganization, taking into account size, growth dynamics and other factors, including linking to staffing positions (preparation of the RACI matrix)
Conducting a critical analysis of the business on the subject of: the feasibility of continuing/ changing the strategy, calculating target KPIs
Support of projects to reduce/optimize costs with an assessment of the effect and post-investment analysis
Further formalization of business processes in the form of regulations, procedures, and job descriptions
Replacement of key functions/positions on a temporary or permanent basis

Our advantages

Work experience in Russian and foreign private and public holdings, and in the implementation of projects in the «Big Four»
Possibility of further automation of business processes (the company is a methodologist and integrator for a number of software products)
Professional staff trained under the ACCA, ACFE, Independent Directors Association
Comprehensive expertise (operational, economic, legal, tax and financial)
Independence from the influence of internal processes / opinions of the object
Accumulated industry expertise

Our industry experience

Our clients on management consulting services include both multi-national and Russian groups of companies:

Large industrial petrochemical Group

Scope of project included assessment of level of formalization, reliability of the control environment, and the effectiveness of the internal control system for a number of business processes of the Group. The efficiency and control environment of accounting programs 1C and SAP for similar business operations was compared. The effectiveness of the incident management function was evaluated.

One of the sub-holdings «Gazpromneft»

Detailed diagnostics of business processes was carried out: revenue, procurement, production, treasury functions, marketing. Schemes of business processes “As Is” and “To Be” were prepared, the necessary control procedures were developed to cover existing problem areas.

Private quartz sand mining and processing Group

Full analysis and restructuring of key business processes, within the interest and requirements of shareholders and «best practices».

Russian regional agricultural holding «Agroterra»

We helped to design and implement the group's key performance indicators system.

Corporation «Project-Technics» (the largest Russian producer of specialized equipment)

A detailed analysis and subsequent changes of the production and sales strategy were proposed and supported.

Large regional commercial real estate and development Group

A project has been implemented to reorganize organizational and functional structure of the Group, optimize financial and accounting functions, reduce costs, improve the control system and increase the degree of automation.

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