ADE Professional Solutions Improves Its Position: RAEX Version

Since 2010, ADE Professional Solutions has annually improved its position in the ranking of Russian consulting and audit companies conducted by «RAEX-Analytics». The published rankings of «Russian Audit» and «Russian Consulting» for 2019 showed that the company continues to maintain positive dynamics, and its financial results have improved since 2018:

Russian consulting

  • 70th place among the largest consulting groups and companies in Russia (+1 position);
  • 27th place in the field of financial consulting (since 2015 the company has consistently ranked in the top 50 largest companies);
  • 15th place in the field of strategic planning and organizational development (Successful practice in the field of management consulting allowed ADE Professional Solutions to get into this ranking for the first time).

Russian audit

  • 42nd place among the largest Russian audit organizations (+3 positions);
  • 25th place among the largest audit groups and networks (+2 positions);
  • 9th place in the field of IT consulting;
  • 11th place in the field of financial consulting;
  • 18th in the field of tax consulting.

Analysis of the results of the annual professional assessment of companies' activities shows that ADE Professional Solutions is moving up from year to year, competing with market leaders. A close-knit team of professionals, leadership in a number of areas, such as IFRS reporting, transfer pricing, a desire to develop new services, in particular in the field of management consulting, and constantly honing quality in all areas, help achieve success.

We wish the entire ADE Professional Solutions team great results in 2020.