ADE Professional Solutions celebrates its 16th Birthday!

On June 11, 2020, ADE Professional Solutions turned 16 years old!

Over the years, we have grown from three employees to more than 50, creating a wonderful team consisting of real professionals and great people. We have helped our wonderful clients by successfully completing a huge number of challenging but interesting projects throughout Russia and around the world.

ADE Professional Solutions has big plans for the future:

  • further expansion, maintaining a high rank among competitors, and strengthening our reputation;
  • help our employees to grow professionally, and help our clients to achieve success in business;
  • expand our leadership in our core services (IFRS reporting, transfer pricing) and broaden our services.

Our team expresses gratitude to all our clients for such fruitful cooperation! We are sure that in the future, joint work will be even more productive, convenient and prosperous.