IP management

ADE Professional Solutions provides a full package of services for the intellectual property of clients:

Registration of trademarks and industrial designs on the territory of the Russian Federation and around the world (over 120 territories):
  • the whole process from the preparation of application documentation to obtaining a registration certificate;
  • a wide network of patent attorneys to represent the interests of applicants in foreign offices, and qualified legal support in accordance with the applicable legislation of foreign states;
  • registration of trademarks according to international procedures- in conjunction with the World Intellectual Property Organization;
  • registration of verbal, graphic, volumetric, moving, color and other trademarks;
  • resolution of various categories of complex issues related to obtaining legal protection of trademarks (overcoming registration refusals, objections of third parties).
Trademark protection:
  • counteraction to illegal use of trademarks (combating «doubles» / «clones») and parasitic marketing, and protection from unfair competitors;
  • filing objections against the registration of trademarks of third parties;
  • challenging the granting of legal protection for trademarks, termination of trademarks, and prohibition of illegal use;
  • representing the interests of customers in Rospatent, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the court for intellectual rights, arbitration courts;
  • settlement of disputes in relation to trademarks.

Regular monitoring of applications for registration of trademarks: detection of attempts by third parties to register identical or similar designations.

Supporting the conclusion of licensing, sublicensing agreements, contracts for the alienation of intellectual property objects, commercial concession contracts, including necessary registration actions.

Consulting and qualified legal support on other issues related to intellectual property.

Our experience

Experience in providing IA management services for a major Russian oil company since 2008: managing a full portfolio of trademarks and industrial designs (over 3000 objects)
Advising a well-known foreign producer of feature films, including representation of the rights-holder in court disputes concerning infringement of exclusive rights
Successfully represented a Russian oil company that was in a dispute with a major automaker and a well-known soft drink manufacturer
Representing the interests of one of the largest Russian mobile operators, during a pre-trial settlement of copyright infringement for a script used in a TV commercial
Development of agreements on the joint creation and use of intellectual property for a pharmaceutical company
Advising a group of communication companies on complex issues of copyright and related rights since 2006
Preparation of analyzing the best brand management strategies for the Russian VINK
Trademark use audit for a trade company
Advising a well-known public catering network that suffered from competition, by improving the protection and reliability of designations and corporate identity used in the design of their café